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Chromatique Glass Home Decoration Set

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Dive into a universe of brilliant hues and graceful designs with the Chromatique Glass Home Decoration Set. Curated with precision, this collection weaves vibrancy and sophistication, instantly transforming any corner of your home.
Design Brilliance: The ensemble features two distinctively designed candle holders, each at a different elevation, enabling you to customize the ambiance – be it for a candlelit dinner or a serene evening in.
Twin-Toned Vases: Complementing the candle holders, the set includes two floral vases with a unique reversible design. With just a flip, give your decor a refreshing twist anytime you desire.
Kaleidoscope of Colors: Choose from two enchanting color schemes - a Serene medley of blue, green, and pink, or a Bold vivacious harmony of red, blue, and yellow. Witness the playful contrast of one shade to the next, reminiscent of an artist's canvas.
Adaptable Elegance: Whether displaying your cherished flowers or using them as independent ornamental pieces, these vases are sure to captivate. 
Contemporary Craftsmanship: Crafted with high-quality glass and painted in gradient hues, the pieces boast a modern design with a touch of timeless elegance, suitable for a range of interior styles, from the sleek minimalist to the intricate bohemian.
Reinvent your spaces with the Chromatique Glass Artistry Ensemble. With its intricate design and spirited colors, it promises to elevate everyday moments, making them feel extraordinary and memorable.

Sets Include:

Serene: Blue/Green/Pink Products 
Image: 2-5

Bold: Red/Blue/Yellow Products
Images: 6-10
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